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Web Design Planing Checklist

You may very well not be sure of the answers to many of these questions. These are questions that we will go through with you and help you to answer. However, reading through this list and thinking about possible answers can help you prepare for having your site designed.

  1. Why do I want a website? What result do I expect?
  2. Do I have any ideas of what I would like my domain to be?
  3. Who is it for: mostly for an existing client base or mostly to attract new customers?
  4. What are the links to some sites that I like the look of so I can show my designer the look and feel that appeals to me?
  5. Do I want a splash page? (the first page you see when you reach the site, designed for maximum impact like the cover of a magazine)
  6. How many pages of content would I like to have? (Common Pages: About, Philosophy, Services or Products, References, Contact, Home
  7. Am I going to be selling products from my website?
  8. Would I like to process credit card payments online or simply have the order emailed to me and process the credit card off-line? (this option saves you a lot of money)
  9. How many products will I be selling, and how often do they need to be updated?
  10. If products need to be updated daily or weekly, does someone at my office have time to do this? If not, would I like to have someone in my company trained to do the updates, or have my web development company take care of all updates for me? Or would I prefer to be able to update my site myself using a secure online administration section, and have the freedom to instantly update my site products without knowing or using html?
  11. What features would I like/ be interested in possibly having on my website? (for instance: forms, mailing lists etc)