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The Reasons to Use Web Standards

  1. Make your clients look good;
  2. Maximise the number of potential visitors
  3. Faster loading and reduced bandwidth usage
  4. Provide the foundation for accessibility
  5. Improve search engine rankings More

The Business Value of Web Standards

by Jeffrey Veen
When it came time to redesign the site, my partners agreed that we should approach the project from a standards perspective. More

How to Get Listed on Google

  1. Choosing Keywords
  2. Make Sites Accessible
  3. Optimising Content
  4. Make Sites with a Simple, Clean Structure
  5. Use CSS Page Layout will Help Google Index your Site More

SEO Five Top Tips

Five more indispensable tips to help your site's search engine ranking. More

The 7 Deadly Sins that show it's time you overhauled your company website.

  1. No contact details.
  2. It never changes.
  3. It isn’t clear what your business does.
  4. Nobody uses your site.
  5. Your website looks unprofessional.
  6. Accessibility.
  7. FLASH Overkill! More